Call Before You Dig




Call Suhre’s at 618-633-2231 to mark your propane lines

Dig Safely – Don’t accidentally cut a gas line or other underground service while digging in your yard.

You may be surprised by what’s buried in your yard. More and more gas, water, sewer, and telecommunications companies are delivering utility services underground. To avoid personal injury and damage to underground lines, state law requires you to call JULIE before any digging project, regardless of the project size or depth.

At least 2 working days before you dig call 811 or 1-800-892-0123. After you call JULIE, then call Suhre’s Gas at 618-633-2231 and we will mark your propane gas lines.

For more information on JULIE follow this link

Because propane companies do not fall under the same regulations as other utilities, JULIE does not locate propane gas lines. Other items that JULIE does not mark are septic lines, down spout drain lines or electric lines to out buildings or pools.