Delivery Options



Suhre’s Gas Co. Offers 2 Delivery Services.


Automatic Delivery – Did you know the most efficient way to receive propane is through our Automatic Delivery service? With this service, you don’t have to call for a delivery. We deliver to you based on your propane needs. In many cases, customers who choose our Automatic Delivery option will reduce their propane price per gallon with our auto-fill discount, and avoid untimely, out of gas calls/special trip fees.


Will Call Delivery – Some customers prefer to call us when they want a delivery. They may opt for the “will call” status because their financial situation or use of alternate heat sources. Using the percentage gauge on the tank, the customer monitors the amount of gas left in the tank and then calls to schedule a delivery.

Things to remember with Will Call: Minimum Delivery is 250 gallons, we require 3 business days to schedule deliveries, and there are delivery charges for out-of- gas/low gas/less than minimum/special deliveries.