Budget Billing

Budget Billing – The budget payment plan is simple.

  • Your average or estimated yearly heating bill is calculated to determine your equal monthly payment.
  • Payments are made monthly from June till April of the following year.  At the end of the budget payment year (May), your account will be “cleared.”
  • If you have a balance due, you will be billed for the remaining balance.
  • If you have overpaid, the amount of the credit may be applied to the following year’s budget payment plan, or a refund check may be requested.

Our budget payment plan allows you to maintain smaller monthly payments instead of larger invoices at the time of gas deliveries.  Customers on our budget payment plan will also enjoy the convenience of our “KEEP FULL” delivery service.  Our drivers will monitor your tank to ensure you do not experience the inconvenience or cost of running out of gas.  When a delivery is made a yellow copy of your ticket will be left on your door.  Keep these copies for your records. To remain on the plan, you must make payments monthly.

Budget billing starts in June of each year.  The sign up period ends June 30th.  Customers wishing to sign up after that date may either make up payments from June or wait until the next budget year begins.