Policy and Procedures

Policy & Procedures Revised 1/1/2013


In order to help us better serve you and keep you from running out of gas, we ask that you watch your tank and call us when you have no less than 20%.  This will help avoid out-of-gas and special delivery charges.

Standard Safety Policy

Suhre’s Gas Co. reserves the right to refuse service and or delivery of propane to anyone if conditions and or operations in the gas system is deemed unsafe.  Once conditions are corrected and the system passes a safety inspection done by our service personnel, service may be resumed.

Out of Gas

We follow all State fire codes which state “No gas can be delivered to a customer tank (company or customer owned) when there has been an interruption in supply due to the tank being out of gas, until the customer is present.  The customer must be at the residence in order to receive a gas delivery if the tank is empty.  A pressure test must be conducted on the system before the service is restored.  A qualified Suhre’s Gas Co. employee will conduct the pressure test and must relight all pilots and put appliances into service.  If the tank gauge reads 5% or below, at the time the driver delivers, regardless of pressure in the tank, there will be a charge of $75.00 (during office hours), or $150.00 (after hours, weekends, and holidays).

Delivery Requirements

For Will-Call Customers, we require 3 day notice for all deliveries (not including weekends and holidays).  If a customer requires a delivery, same day or next day, there will be a special delivery charge of $30.00.  Minimum delivery is 250 gallons in a 500 gallon tank (If your tank is smaller than 500 gallon, the tank must be filled.)  If less than minimum is ordered there is a $30.00 delivery charge.

10 Pay Discounts

If you request to have your tank filled we offer a per gallon discount. If you pay for your propane delivery within 10 days of the ticket date.  Minimum and less than minimum deliveries do not apply.

Returned Check Policy

If a check is returned by the bank for any reason, there will be a $25.00 charge added to the account.  The amount of the returned check plus $25.00 must be paid in cash, money order or cashiers check within 1 week of notification.  If an account has had two returned checks for any reason, the account will be placed on a Cash Only basis.

Credit Policy

We offer credit only to customers who complete and sign a credit application form and comply with our credit standards.  If credit standards are not met, service may be offered as COD (Cash on Delivery).  If debts are not paid in a timely manner, collection and/or attorney fees will be incurred by the debtor.  No finance or carrying charge is made on accounts paid within 30 days of purchase.  Accounts not paid within 30 days will, on our billing date, be charged 2% each month which is 24% annually.  Suhre’s Gas Co. reserves the right to change finance charges and service fees/delivery fees as deemed necessary.  Any customer who is renting their residence or purchasing their residence “Contract for Deed” will be placed on a “Cash on Delivery” (COD) basis.


Out of Gas $75.00 (during office hours); $150.00 (after hours)

Special delivery $30.00 (during office hours); $150.00 (after hours)

Less than Minimum $30.00

Returned Check $25.00

Finance charges 24% APR