Appliance Rebates



Propane Appliance Rebate – The Illinois Propane Gas Association is sponsoring the Safe Installation of Energy Efficient Propane Appliance Program. This program provides a rebate for customers who install new energy-efficient propane water heaters, furnaces or vented fireplaces. Rebate amounts are as follows with a $400 maximum per household per year. For Rebate Rules, please click the link below.

Standard Water Heater – $200.00

Power Vent or Tank-less Water Heater – $300.00

Direct Vent or B-Vented Fireplace – $ 100.00

Central Heating Ducted Furnace – $ 200.00

Vented Residential Garage Heater – $ 100.00


2020 Water Heater Rebate Rules

2020 Furnace/Boiler/Garage Heater/Fireplace Rebate Rules

2020 HVAC/Plumber Information 

2020 Lawn Mower Rebate Rules

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